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One of my favourite meals is the plain old simple rice and dahl. If there’s roti around, I go for the roti, but rice is a close second. There are many ways to make dahl, nearly as many ways as there are types of lentil. This version is a full-bodied, thick creation made with several […]

Piquant potato

I was experimenting with potatoes and spices when I came up with what turned out to be this very simple, tasty vegetarian potato dish. Serve it with roti or with rice and dahl Enough for two What you need 400 gm potatoes, diced and par-boiled 130gm onions finely chopped 3 tablespoons oil 3 teaspoon tomato paste 1 teaspoon jeera […]

Cooking yam?

This root crop is becoming more common in cities around Britain, especially available from Asian (or “ethnic”) shops. Often the shopkeeper will cut a piece for you rather than insist that you buy a whole yam (which could be 10-12 inches long and about 4-5 inches in diameter at its widest). Note: the yams I refer to […]