Tuna wraps

Long before wraps became fashionable, lots of us kids in Fiji used to take roti/curry parcels to have as lunch at school … wraps in all but name – and shape. Mothers would be up really early in the morning to prepare something for us to take, and a roti and vegetable parcel was the easiest  thing to prepare, rather like a sandwich is for British students. At our lunchtimes friends would sit together for their meal and share a taste of their various curries, which went some way to ensuring that on the days your mum had wrapped something boring in your roti, a friend’s mum might have provided something interesting.

roti tuna wrap
Roti and tuna wraps

Here’s an idea for a cheap and interesting packed lunch…or a tasty contribution to a picnic. It’s basically tinned tuna, lightly cooked with gently spiced potatoes and wrapped in a roti

It’s a good way to use up left-over roti. You’ll have enough tuna here to fill five or six rotis 

What you need
Potato 150g diced, the smaller pieces the better (it’ll help if you also par-boil them)
Onion 60g finely sliced
1 160g tin tuna (I use the tuna in sunflower oil, not the one in spring water)
6 curry leaves
½teaspoon of jeera (cumin)
½teaspoon of turmeric
1 teaspoon of ground coriander seeds (freshly ground if you can do that)
½teaspoon garlic/ginger
½teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon of oil

Some mango or other chutney … five or six teaspoons.

Heat the oil in a wok or pan
Add the cumin and half the curry leaves
Add the onion, and cook for two minutes
Stir in the salt and the garlic/ginger
Cook till the onion has just started to brown
Add the potatoes, stir and cook for a couple of minutes
Add remaining curry leaves, the turmeric and the ground coriander seeds
Turn the heat down and keep a close eye on the cooking, adding a dash of water to minimise any chance of burning
Empty the tuna from the can to a bowl. Break up the chunks into flakes
Add the tuna to the pan and stir well

Assembling the rolls
Lay your first roti down flat on a board or plate.
Take a little of the chutney and with a knife and spread it across the top inch of the roti (on the edge furthest away from you)
Take about a tablespoon of the tuna and spread over the rest of the roti
Roll up your roti starting from the edge closest to you
The chutney should now help the other end of the roti to stick and hold the roll.
Cutting the roll in half (as in the picture above) makes it easier to eat



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  1. Hmm tuna rolls with a twist. Can’t believe how much I am enjoying reading these recipes….yayee.
    I have to share this website on my face book page. I hope you don’t mind. I have a few friends who may enjoy some of these recipes. Let me know if it ok to do so before I do though. This is a recipe that I’m more likely to do first. In getting myself back to the chopping block, I might just start simply, and I reckon this is simple enough for even the likes of me. Thanks Vimal.


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