Spinach delight

One of my favourite vegetables is spinach. Yes, the humble spinach. And I’ve always liked from childhood. It didn’t do me the instant good that Popeye enjoyed, but as it’s described in some quarters as a superfood, I’m hoping it gave me some of the vitamins and minerals I need.

This recipe is quick and simple. Minimalism is key. The trick is to not over-cook spinach. In fact it’s no trick. Just don’t cook it too much. I make sure the leaves are still whole – cooked, but not dissolved into a mush – at the end of the cooking. They should have turned from the bright green leaves you bought to a dark green ready for your plate.
You’ll need a large pot, but by the end the leaves will have reduced and will take up much less space.

Enough for two 

What you need
250gm spinach leaves
150gm onion, sliced (not too small)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 spoon ginger/garlic paste
½ teaspoon jeera (cumin)
½ teaspoon salt
(Optional: One or two chillis or a ¼ teaspoon of chilli flakes)


Heat the oil and add the cumin (jeera).
Once the jeera starts popping, add the onions.
If you’re using chillis add them here.
For this dish don’t let the onions brown. Cook them till only they become translucent.
Add the salt, and then the ginger/garlic paste
Stir and add the spinach leaves. Depending on what heat you’re cooking at, it may take about 8 to 10 minutes. Stir and turn the leaves so that they cook through and the oil and jeera mixes through all the spinach.
Serve hot with dahl, rice or roti, or as a vegetable dish to accompany a chicken curry.

Let me know what you think of it


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